House Purchasing

How to improve your purchase offer

Here we look at specific things you can do to improve your purchase offer from a seller's /Agent's perspective and it could be the difference between being successful or not in your proposed purchase. With the housing market heating up,...

House prices up, up and away?

Since lockdown 1.0 ended, there has been a surge in house purchase activity, the like of which we haven’t seen since 2007. House prices are up, up and away! So is this just a reaction to pent up demand? Will...

With Lockdown 2 can I move home?

Here we go, the seemingly inevitable 'second wave', which has led to a semi lockdown from the 5th November (thank God there is childcare/schooling this time...). Rather than setting off fireworks, it has dampened things down considerably, but we have...

Catch 22 in the housing sector

Quite an eventful week in the financial world and Catch 22 in the housing sector. Spending review Rishi Sunak has decided to do away with the budget this year and instead replace it with a spending review. With so many...

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