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Winston's Words of Wisdom
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This week my recommendation is Mastery by Robert Greene, here’s why.

It seems that a new word has entered the mainstream, that of ‘Furlough’.

‘Furlough’ reading recommendation

The word was originally used in the 1880’s in the UK to describe military personnel at home on leave. Subsequently more often used in the US when States have had to stand down civil servants in lean times or due to budget cuts.

Many of us will find we have more time on our hands than usual, and in such a fast paced world, that can even be quite unsettling. I’d implore you to use this time constructively.

Mastery by Robert Greene

That brings me nicely to my recommendation of the week – Mastery by Robert Greene. In this book, he talks at length, and I mean at length, about historical ‘Masters’ such as Charles Darwin, Henry Ford and more modern figures such as Freddie Roach.

He finds that different people, in different fields, at different times in history all needed to go through an similar experience in order to become a ‘Master’ of what they do.

Mastery phases

This is broken down into 3 key phases:

Apprenticeship – approx 7 years
Creative-Active – approx 3 years
Mastery – approx 10 years +

It is interesting to note that the clock only starts when ‘meaningful’ work is entered into.

You can spend a lifetime being average at something, but if you truly want to be great, you need to be willing to invest 10 years of hard work!

So taken in context of a few months ‘off’ in your current role, or in a worst case scenario, having to find a new one, is it really such a big deal?

No-one achieves greatness without dedication, setbacks and sacrifice. So why not use this time in a meaningful way, get all those things done you always wished you could so you can bounce back stronger for the break!

Apparently Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in quarantine from the plague in early 1600’s…

You can listen to a podcast on thoughts following reading this book which will give you a really good overview of such an excellent book.

Stay safe, well and inside!

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