Mortgage Affordability

95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

In the budget last week, the most interesting thing to come out of it from a mortgage perspective was the “95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme” which is set to launch in April. The aim is to help people buy a property...

With Lockdown 2 can I move home?

Here we go, the seemingly inevitable 'second wave', which has led to a semi lockdown from the 5th November (thank God there is childcare/schooling this time...). Rather than setting off fireworks, it has dampened things down considerably, but we have...

Yin and Yang of the mortgage market

Last week was a really interesting week, not just in the mortgage world but life in general, which really got me thinking about that classic Yin-Yang relationship of things, including the Yin and Yang of the mortgage market. Schools are...

Mortgage criteria tightening

It is no surprise to see lenders starting to tighten the purse strings a little and so see mortgage criteria tightening in specific aspects. There have been a few articles creeping in over the last week or so which shows...

Opportunities in this mortgage market?

For the last few weeks the opportunities in this mortgage market has felt a bit like playing 'Whack-A-Mole' as lender criteria changes, interest rates change, and latterly, valuation policies change. But as is always the case, things start to settle...

What does it mean by remortgaging?

Remortgaging is simply the process of switching from one mortgage lender to another. Typically this is done just before your current deal expires. More and more lenders are trying harder to keep their customers so your existing provider will often...

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